One In The Bag

It’s Day 2 of my Post-A-Day Blogging Challenge and I am already thinking I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.  Maybe instead of committing to this blindly on 31st August, I could’ve stored up a couple of posts for the days when inspiration does not, in fact, come. This kind of defeats the purpose, Read More

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Is Travel Writing Ever Authentic?

I’m sure I’m not alone in imagining travel-writing as the ultimate in careers.  Who wouldn’t want the yellow bikini and azure waters lifestyle, as Aaron Smith described it this morning at the Wish You Weren’t Here travel writing discussion at Christchurch Writers’ Festival? Something struck me as he spoke with Patrick Holland, author of Riding Read More

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locked and bolted

Why Write Every Day?

Recently, it has come to my attention that I’m not writing enough.  Actually, that’s not quite true.  I’m not writing regularly enough for myself. I get freaked out by the ‘obligation’ of writing to a schedule.  As soon as someone sets something out concretely (even if that someone is me), it’s the last thing I Read More

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Aaargh! Where Do I Start?

Ideas, ideas, ideas… If you’re considering going freelance or have recently started, chances are you have a million ideas about what you want to do.  No doubt you’re a committed professional in your field and know it intimately.  Having an abundance of ideas is fantastic.  And you deserve huge congratulations for your ambition and creativity.  Read More

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6 Ways To Overcome Writing Blocks

As you’ll gather from a poke around my website, I’m all about encouraging self-expression and helping people find their voice. Whether it’s hosting author interviews and editing them into awesome written content, or allowing freelance writers to come to me to express their frustrations, my highest purpose in life is to let people be heard. Read More

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Do You Take Your Words Seriously?

Inspired by this beautiful video by Gabby Bernstein, I asked myself how seriously we take our words.  Words we use can be heavy, smooth, uplifting, negative, light, breezy, inspiring, dark, spiteful, energising… I’ve noticed how easy it is for a simple throw-away comment to be taken out of context or an emphasis to be misconstrued. Read More

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Location independent New Zealand

Freelancing: A Fresh Start

Have you ever felt like reinventing yourself? Considered turning up somewhere nobody knows you? Being someone new? That’s what going freelance was for me, back before I started my editing business. Freedom. A chance to be my true self, my now self. Not the perception of me that others held, keeping  me where I was. Read More

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