Conquering Creativity and your Next Next Book

An Interview With Natalie MacNeil

Every time I freak out that I don’t know what my next book is going to be about, I reflect on how grateful I am to think like this at all.

It’s my certainty that I’ll be writing books for years to come that I share with my business mentor Natalie MacNeil of She Takes On The World. Natalie is an author, serial entrepreneur and master at engaging, epic, shareable content. So listen up!

Where is creativity born? How can we nurture it? What can we do to turn ideas into reality?
And why is publishing your message so important?

In this interview, I pick Natalie’s brains about cultivating confidence and creativity, and establishing practices that can make a far-off dream of being an author an actual reality in 2016.

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So, who’s got a book in them?

It’s time to make it real!

I am excited to support you through your book-writing journey. The challenges, the moments of divine inspiration, the blocks, the frantic scribblings where your hands can’t keep up with the flow of ideas, and best of all, the celebrations when you publish your book in 2016.

Sign up to the Conquer Club with me and I will gift you 6 monthly group calls to guide, mentor and support you to finishing the draft of your non-fiction book.

She changed my life. Now let’s change yours.

Starting in January 2016, each hour-long call will have a specific focus for teaching you the techniques you need to write a book successfully. And there will be time dedicated to answering your exact questions, problems and hurdles you may hit along the way.

  • Get motivated to start and keep writing when the going gets tough
  • Feel completely confident in your voice and message
  • Know your audience inside-out so your book is utterly compelling
  • Turn your language from blah to irresistible
  • Find a strong angle, so you stand out from the crowd
  • Create a feel-good writing ritual that blasts away procrastination and evokes inspiration

Bonus value: £597 (over $900 USD)

Join Natalie and me inside the Conquer Club in 2016.

Natalie Conquer

(Pssst… I’m a proud member, mentor and partner of The Conquer Club. If you go on to enrol in the 2016 programme through this link, I may receive compensation for the introduction. You purchase through the Conquer Club page. To claim your bonus, email your receipt to

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