Are You Using This Secret Technique For Writing Your Ebook Fast?

So you’ve started writing and it’s going okay.  Your book is all planned out, but you just feel… meh.  Putting pen to paper is agonisingly hard.  Baring your soul is unthinkable.  Writing a book is a real slog.  Even the thought of sitting down to write makes you feel sick.

You are not alone.

Ask any writer and they will tell you how procrastination is paralysing for getting your book from concept to reality.  It’s arduous at times and you can get caught up in voice and grammar and style and word counts and on and on it goes…

The task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The good news is there are easy ways to get ahead in writing.  You can make your ebook easy.  You can whip up content in no time.  You can zoom through chapters quicker than you can believe.  You have it all in your head.  It’s just about extracting it and putting the words on the page in a fuss-free way.  It’s just a matter of letting it be easy.

Are you ready to let it be easy?

There are forums.  There are tips and techniques.  There are many methods for writing it yourself, but none so easy as talking it through with a friendly professional and having it done for you!

Enter your solution to writing an ebook with ease…

Ebook Discovery :: The Middle

Having bits of your book written for you isn’t cheating.  It’s the obvious practical solution for worn-out writers who need to get over a little bump in the road.  If you have a deadline, self-imposed or out there in the big wide world, ripping through a big chunk of your ebook really quickly and easily can be the oomph your writing project needs to leap towards the finish line.

What is Ebook Discovery :: The Middle?

Ebook Discovery :: The Middle is an ebook writing service that uses your own words and captures your voice to help move your ebook along if you’re stuck, procrastinating, or even just super-busy.  It’s a simple way to get a chunk of your book written and turbo-charge your writing project.

When you’re in the middle part of writing your book, you can often encounter a lull in your enthusiasm.  You start doubting if what you’ve got so far is any good.  Your story may be making you emotional, particularly if it’s personal.  You might even be on the brink of scrapping it altogether.  You just can’t stand anything you write!

The interview process was easy and Kris was great at making it as unintimidating as possible. After seeing her edited work written out, I felt like she had made me sound smarter than I am, or maybe I was just that surprised and impressed with how she was able to translate the interview on paper. I definitely see her transcript and editing services as a start to the basis of my ebook and makes me feel like I can do this! ~Janet Brent, graphic designer for indies

Telling it to someone else verbally, as though you were chatting to a friend, is the obvious and easy way to get it out of your head and down on paper.  It really can be painless.  I promise!

What do you actually get?

My methods make your ebook actually happen instead of just remaining an idea in your head.  We’re not talking wishy-washy chit-chat.  In Ebook Discovery Interview Sessions, I follow a tried-and-tested interview formula that elucidates all the info I need to write your ebook plan.

When you purchase the Ebook Discovery :: The Middle, you’ll get:

  • A what’s-your-ebook-chapter worksheet to prepare for our session
  • A 30-minute interview session where we talk specifically about what you want to say in a particular part of your book
  • An audio recording of our interview
  • A raw transcript of our interview, completely verbatim as we spoke it
  • A fully edited chapter taken from your word-for-word transcript and transformed into beautiful, polished and publishable writing
  • Delivered in ready-to-publish ebook format compatible with Amazon’s Kindle ebook platform
  • Tweaks til you LOVE it!  (This is my full satisfaction guarantee!)

Your ebook chapter will be delivered within 3 days of your recorded Ebook Discovery Interview Session or from time of purchase.

If you have ever felt like the story in your mind is getting lost up there, or you just feel too close to your work, causing you to re-edit it a billion times and never allowing it to see the light of day, Kris is the fairy godmother you have been dreaming about.  She makes the experience fun and stress-free.  Highly recommend! ~Marina Solovyov, food and body coach

Feel like you really can get this finished.  Have a huge chunk of content delivered easily.  See thousands of words on the page that sound just like you.  Move closer to publishing quickly.

Who am I to help you?

How rude!  I haven’t even introduced myself.  I’m Kris, professional writer, editor, and author of Freelance Your Heart Out, my own self-published title.

I’m oh-so-familiar with procrastination when it comes to writing.  Honestly, I delayed the living daylights out of my own ebook.  Even though I called myself a professional writer and talked about writing, I had a fear of not being good enough.  And not even very deep down!

I used this technique myself, conducting expert interviews, and transcribing them into awesome content.  And many other self-published authors do the same.

Kris is SUCH a godsend!  I’ve used plenty of transcription companies and have often been hit with unexpected extra charges and uninspired service.  Kris goes above and beyond, to really make you feel she’s a part of your success team and understands your business intimately.  She cares.  I would recommend Kris to anyone who cares about an excellent finished product and will use her for all my future projects. ~Denise Duffield-Thomas, author of Lucky Bitch

So seriously, hun, let it be easy!

How do you get the goods?

After your 30-minute Ebook Discovery Interview Session, I’ll write up the content into a polished and publishable chapter.  All you need to do is be ready to talk it to me without overthinking it.

We’ll talk through your story and I’ll prompt with a few questions of what I need to know to come up with a gorgeously written chapter for you.  I’ll take a recording of the Ebook Discovery Interview Session and go back over it to write it up.

You’ll invest just $275 for the whole of The Middle bit.

Here’s a reminder of what you’ll receive:

  • Worksheet to get the most from your interview session
  • 30 minutes with moi talking about your chapter
  • The recording of our session together
  • The verbatim transcript all typed up for you
  • The neatly edited chapter in your own voice
  • An Amazon Kindle ebook template with your chapter tucked away inside ready to go
  • Tweaks til you are fully satisfied

You might be stuck at the moment and The Middle can be tough, but you can keep your ebook moving along with speed.  It’ll be worth it once those ebooks are on the proverbial shelves.  Imagine getting your book done and out there for the world to see.  With confidence.  And ease!

Get your ebook moving with Ebook Discovery :: The Middle right now.  Say yes to the next step on your publishing path today!


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