Writing your first book – not to mention an acutely personal book – can feel like you’re fumbling around in the dark. I found the experience revealing, nourishing, challenging… all of it.

While I was confident with the message of my book, I wanted a total pro on my side who could take in my content from a detached perspective and illuminate where I could improve, what could be removed. I needed a keen editor’s eye on my words. A lover of language. I wanted my book to be of the highest quality and I knew that I didn’t have to try and make that happen on my own.

Not only that, but there came a time where my book made me cross-eyed from working on it so much. I needed a little space. Like a good mother giving her teenager some room to grow, I needed to do the same with High. Kris took over for a wee while and what resulted was amazing.

Professionally, I was able to move forward with the launch aspect of my book while Kris was offering her skills and talent to it. Mainly though, I just felt super supported. Like I could breathe fully and deeply. I was always excited to return to my book each time I got it back.

I feel phenomenal! We did it! I wouldn’t have changed a thing, wouldn’t have done anything differently. High is out there and changing lives. And Kris undoubtedly made it better.

Tara Bliss, bestselling author of High: A Party Girl’s Guide To Peace,

Kris is SUCH a godsend! Kris goes above and beyond, to really make you feel she’s a part of your success team and understands your business intimately. She cares. I would recommend Kris to anyone who cares about an excellent finished product and will use her for all my future projects.

Denise Duffield-Thomas, coach and author of Lucky Bitch,

Kylie-Patchett-TestimonialTwice in the final stages of publishing my book on schedule, Kris has rescued me by executing last-minute, fine-detail changes.  She works  so quickly and efficiently, you’ve hardly sent the request before your work is back all polished and shiny again! That Kris is the consummate editing professional is an advantage, but the fact she provided the peace of mind you can only get working with someone who loves language, and understands how to imbue it with your personal flavour, is absolutely priceless.

Kylie Patchett, holistic health coach, author and founder of Tall Poppy Project,

Kelly AzevedoIt’s been a couple weeks since I got my first book back from Kris and her work still blows me away. Kris has great attention to details and picks up on things that I can’t always see when I’m “in” the process.

In the beginning I was simply looking for an editor who could get my book to market without embarrassing typos or incomplete sentences, but in the process I got an amazing partner on this project who invested her all into each word.

I’m certain that without Kris’ competent help I’d still be in editing hell, working by myself and slogging through it, never fully confident enough to hit publish. Instead, I know that this book is just the beginning of an amazing journey and I’m already editing book #2 for Kris now!

I’ve told all my friends and colleagues who are ready to go from maybe to YES in their book writing journey to call Kris now, she’s incredible and worth the investment in your project and peace of mind!

Kelly Azevedo, founder of She’s Got Systems and author of the Every Entrepreneur Needs Systems series,

Sylvia ChierchiaI have a book that I’m confident to send to print! As a numbers person, writing has never been my strong suit but Kris helped me see the value in my book and understand the value it could offer to women in business.

She transformed my words and made them sound better and flow more smoothly. She called me out on the grey areas and questioned where something made sense to me, but may not have made sense to others.

You’ve gotta work with Kris. Seriously. She promised me she would get it done in a certain timeframe and she did. She promised she would be thorough and she was. She was encouraging the whole way through. I felt supported and I knew what I had delivered to me was polished and professional. Plus, she’s such a cool chick. Don’t walk, run. Work with Kris!

Sylvia Chierchia, financial coach, speaker and author of Money Made Beautiful,

Kate MoloneyWorking with Kris is a dream come true. As a first-time author I had no clue what I was doing. On top of that I was very, very (!) afraid of writing and opening myself up so vulnerably to the world. Kris’ feedback and support along the journey was invaluable. Her feedback in between the first and second edits were the gentle nudge I needed to go deeper with my writing. As a result, the final product improved ten-fold.

Kris ended up being an unintentional life coach; without her loving support, this book would not have been completed. The final manuscript had me drooling – I absolutely adore it. The words still have “me” written all over them, yet they’ve been professionally polished with the reader in mind. I would work again with Kris in a heartbeat.

Kate Moloney, author of Bright Yellow Happiness,

Rachel ZinmanKris is a mastermind when it comes to inspiring others to find their unique voice. Editing a book is one thing, but to be able to motivate others to truly express themselves with authenticity and heart is a rare gift. Not only would I recommend Kris as an editor – get your hands on anything she writes. You’ll be blown away!

Rachel Zinman, international yoga teacher and author of Yoga for Diabetes,

Helen RoeOnce I committed to working with Kris, I felt completely supported and more confident in my writing, just knowing she was on my side. It’s quite a lonely process writing a book and Kris’s professional, personable style really helped me stay on track, accountable and sane!

Kris is right at home with words and their impact on the world. She teaches you how to be the same and guides you expertly towards completion of your big book dream. Kris keeps it real but allows you unravel and discover your style, while challenging you to write the message you are here to deliver.

Helen Roe, business mentor and author of GirlTribes,

What Kris did for me is really difficult to put in words. I had few experiences with editors and they were not successful in any way. Some of these people were ‘famous’, so I was scared, frustrated and starting to believe that there was no-one who really got me and would help me to create my perfect copy. Copy that I would read and say, “Yes! That’s it!” An editor who would get my intention and express it better than I can with my English as a third language.

And that was exactly what I told her. Completely open and honest. About my past experiences, my fears and hesitations. And Kris took care of me. Like, really took care of me.

We had a wonderful call where she asked many questions and listened to all my wishes and expectations and descriptions. Then I was lucky that we were able to find a date because I needed my website quickly. She was super accommodating and super fast. Her professionalism blew me away.

I felt totally taken care of, from the call, the FAQ pdfs, her explanations about the process and her clarification emails in between. What I valued tremendously was her comments where she explained why she’d made the changes in the copy. Finally! Someone who is teaching me what I can change in my future writing! And of course, needless to say, I love my copy. Love this woman. I guess, I found my editor.

Alla Petcheniouk, SoulWhisperer,

It felt great to get it out there and I’m now really excited to have momentum and structure to follow. I had fantastic feedback yesterday. I also saw increased likes on Facebook and new sign-ups for my list. So pleased!

Sonya Lovell, writer, speaker and coach,

Words are hard for me. As an image-based person and dyslexic, I always worry about what I type. I knew I had the ideas there, but the wording never quite delivered on what I needed it to. Kris created words that flowed, and sounded better to the clients. I also felt much more confident with posting my news on my blog with Kris’s re-wording. I feel happy that people can go to my website and the words flow and will speak to them in the way that I wanted to put across myself but could never do it.

Michelle Szpak, motorbike photography experiences,

I felt overwhelmed and downright scared to hand over my first manuscript to someone I didn’t know, especially since I have never gone through this process before. However, because of our long-term correspondence and her references through B school, I knew I could trust Kris. I just had to trust myself! Kris gave me the confidence to hand it over because of her nurturing approach.

I knew in my heart I had to get this book out, but now I know in my head I have to keep forging ahead. Step by step, the right people have presented themselves at the right time. Kris helped me with first time jitters and to realise I have just go for it. What’s the worst that can happen?

Danielle Wright, author of Sleepy Magic,

I was preparing all the content for my new website. Some aspects were easier to write than others and I felt the tone of my writing varied. I wanted it to be consistent and to sound like my voice throughout. I also didn’t feel confident in my writing style or appropriate use of grammar and was reluctant to post my work on the Internet.

Through working with Kris, I gained confidence to publish on my website, knowing there were absolutely no typos, the grammar was accurate and the same vibe ran through the pages of my website, they all sounded like me and the writing flowed.

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with Kris from start to finish. I felt she got me and understood what I was trying to achieve. Although I was nervous to open the edited documents from Kris, once I started working through them I was hooked. I’m thrilled with the changes made. Subtle word changes and sentence restructure here and there made my message sing from the pages. The feedback Kris gave really helped to give me a boost. I can now press publish with confidence. Thank you so much Kris, I’m looking forward to working with you again.

Nichola Veitch, yoga instructor,

Alexa-Nehter-TestimonialWith the Ebook Editing Intensive, I liked the pace. Not having time to doubt myself was good. Sometimes I can overanalyse and get frozen. What can I say? I am stoked! This is an awesome feeling! I can’t describe! I want to write another book now!

Alexa Nehter, yoga instructor and author of The Clean Yogi,

Monica-Caligiuri-TestimonialKris is a gem! I truly appreciate her guidance, support and generosity throughout this process. It feels so wonderful to have the final draft! Whoohoo! Having her eyes and ‘pencil’ look over the copy gives me so much confidence to put it ‘out there’. Priceless.

Monica Caligiuri, nutrition and wellness expert,

I needed help with my copy. I could write the basics, but I needed an outside eye to help me see where I was repeating things, using words with less-than-ideal clarity, or forgetting to focus on my audience. Basically, anything that involves making the words shine! Working with Kris, I was able to arrive at polished web copy so I can deliver a timely and complete package to my web designer and developer.

I had some unexpected opportunities come my way. Because we had finished the web copy, I was able to use parts of what we had written to create an emergency verbal pitch and written “sales deck.” The first recipients immediately wrote back gushing about the approach.

Several people I pitched to using the copy Kris edited are on the cusp of hiring me. I believe it’s due to the clear, compelling and compassionate copy we landed on.

I feel inspired, liberated, empowered. I can say what I do, and write about it, knowing my words will do the work I need them to.

I’ve told a number of people that Kris knows how to take words from okay to awesome. Kris not only sees the gap between what is and what could be, but she knows how to get across it linguistically and rhetorically.

Lisa England, branding consultant,

I needed someone to look at my website copy from an outside perspective. It’s so easy to get caught up in what you’re writing and forget what it’s like to come in with no prior knowledge of who you are and what you offer. I’m all about collaboration and it was fantastic to work with Kris to make sure my copy was the absolute best it could be!

I’m so proud of my website and what I’ve created. Kris played an important role in my transition to becoming an entrepreneur…and that’s not something I’ll ever forget! Kris is a fellow copy fiend and word lover. She’s amazing at what she does and makes the whole process an absolute breeze. You know exactly what to expect and when to expect it by. Kris delivers!
Brogan Micallef,

Before I started working together with Kris, I needed confidence and support in committing to a deadline! I never believed that I would be able to produce an eBook. Kris so expertly provided the last minute nerve calming and support throughout the process. I trust her 100% in her advice and most importantly honesty in my content.

Kris will give you the practical tools to help you create your best possible content. Her enthusiasm and positivity will give you the momentum and self belief to commit to your deadline.

Claire Enston, Wedding Planner,

I was in search of an editor to edit my first book. I wanted someone that could be patient with me as I navigated this new experience and perhaps even teach me along the way.

I was able to publish a bestseller and remain sane during the process. In fact I felt confident and enjoyed myself more because I worked with Kris. I felt like I was in such good hands that I could use my time and energy to write a great book. I was blown away when I finally held the book in my hand. I know that it is exactly what I wanted, but also fully expresses everything in a way that will be well received by multiple cultures. I feel so satisfied and proud with the end result.

Kris has a very efficient yet thorough process that I trust. I felt safe in that process, but it also held me accountable to a deadline that I desperately needed. It’s well worth the money, because you simply can’t edit your own work at that level. Kris was the best hiring decision I made for my first book.

Katie Lee, Author, Speaker and Lifestyle Designer,

I needed someone who I could trust to take the time to get to know my unique voice and help to fine-tune the details that I miss in the flow and energy of telling my story. While working with Kris, I became more relaxed, yet more focused. More accountable, yet more free to simply write. I knew Kris had my back and so I was able to have fun with the process. I especially loved reading through her feedback and suggestions.

I loved working with Kris. I was often quite taken aback at how clearly she interpreted and improved my work. I was often astounded at her ability to make small changes that sounded even more like my authentic voice! It is an incredible skill!

With my book, I am ecstatic, proud and confident that I have been able to make a small difference. Like I have kicked a life goal I didn’t even know I had.

Lana Mayes, Author & Coach,

Oh. My. Word(s).

This is exquisite! I cannot thank Kris enough for her patience and talent! What a perfect start to my week.

Having never worked with an editor before, I was nervous, but Kris made the whole experience easy and delightful. The finished masterpiece is amazing! I adore every word!

Fifi Mills, Leadership and Life Coach,

I needed a professional review of my first book, including an in-depth review of its content, structure, and clarity. Kris was generous in helping me answer questions such as “Was this message persuasive?” and “Does this book / chapter get you excited?” I became more confident in my book’s content and clarity. Kris provided a much-needed and credible third party perspective. I now have assurance that I have a high quality, persuasive and well-written book.

I’m now excited for my book launch, and very grateful to Kris for her feedback, edits, and words of encouragement. Kris is very easy to work with. She sets clear expectations up front on what she will provide and when. She gave my content a thorough, in-depth review and was willing to answer questions I had about how effective and persuasive my content was. She is also extremely friendly, and really made this process fun for me.

Ryan Barba, Leadership and Life Coach,

I needed a professional to string my words together in a way that my ideal client could easily understand and want to continue reading. Working with Kris made me feel like a professional which is how I want to be portrayed by my clients. There is a lot of tacky copy out there and I’m glad mine isn’t one of them thanks to her!

I’m very happy that I treated my business with enough respect not to DIY everything, because it meant the job was done more quickly and professionally, and I was putting my skills to good use elsewhere in my business. Kris is a pleasure to work with and I love her gentle approach when making suggestions to improve the copy.

Tina Okey, co-founder of WP Launch Me,

Trudy-Simmons-TestimonialI told everyone in my mastermind to work with Kris! She made me POP on my about page. I read the clean copy and loved it… Then I opened the tracked copy – and yes – freaked out! But, the great thing was… I could totally SEE what I was doing after the edit and couldn’t wait to get started on my website.

Trudy Simmons, chief organiser at The Daisy Chain Group,

Kris was great at making everything as unintimidating as possible. After seeing her edited work written out, I felt like she had made me sound smarter than I am, or maybe I was just that surprised and impressed with how she was able to translate the interview on paper. I definitely see her editing services as a start to the basis of my ebook and makes me feel like I can do this!

Janet Brent, graphic designer for indies,

DanielleWhat a lucky find! Kris is a total professional, a brilliant editor and an absolute gem. Being self-published, I’m so grateful for her eagle eye, grammatical expertise and insightful suggestions. My book is so much better for her input. Even though I’d quadruple-checked my manuscript, Kris found all the little errors that I’d missed – and some I didn’t even know were wrong.I felt much more confident releasing it to the world, knowing that she’d rounded up all those niggly typos and mistakes that can really irritate a reader. Her attention to detail really improved the calibre of my book. But not only did Kris elevate my book to traditional publisher’s standards, she was also a voice of calm and reassurance during those last-minute wobbles. It can be a little lonely and nerve-wracking to be an indie author, so having Kris in my corner was a real boost. Not only a great editor, but a champion and a friend.  Thanks Kris!

Danielle Raine, author of Wannabe to Writer and Housework

MarinaTelling a stranger your deepest and darkest moments, in the hope of having it reflect your true intentions for writing a book available to anyone in the world, is no easy thing. For this reason, I felt elated when, after speaking to Kris and experiencing the warm and safe environment she creates, she accepted my book project. I’ve enjoyed the process a lot. It’s an incredible feeling to finally get to tell the story you have always been holding onto – like a burden lifted off your shoulders. If you have ever felt like the story in your mind is getting lost up there, or you just feel too close to your work, causing you to re-edit it a billion times and never allowing it to see the light of day, Kris is the fairy godmother you have been dreaming about. She makes the experience fun and stress-free. Highly recommend!

Marina Solovyov, food and body coach,

Sonya La BoutiqueI was blown away by how well Kris really made the text of our website come to life, and really reflect what the culture and feel of our business was. She was quick, efficient and was incredibly lovely to work with. Kris is a very talented lady and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Sonya Mbonyinshuti, La Boutique hair and fashion,

Helen-Olcee-Brown-TestimonialWow! I am impressed. It looks great.  Kris provides a brilliant service; it’s really top notch. I really like what she’s done! It’s just what I’m looking for: a much more personal approach and a clearer message. I like the way Kris varied the sentence length to make the copy much more engaging. She has really taken the slightly uptight, formal edge off it. I will certainly recommend Kris. Such a smooth process and I am chuffed to bits with the end result. The tone is just what I wanted. Wonderful, thank you!

Helen Oclee-Brown, freelance translator and reviser,

Sarah McKayWhen I first I connected with Kris, I knew she was exactly the editor I’d been looking for. As a fellow freelance writer and editor, we had an immediate rapport and understanding, and as a small business owner launching a new website, Kris understood how important it  was for me to get the words just right. We spent a fun hour chatting on Skype to establish exactly what I needed, and within a few days Kris turned around a leaner, meaner, zhooshier and more grammatically correct version of my original copy. But her skills went further than just editing.  Kris gave me the confidence and support to go “live” (and I was petrified). And her ongoing kindness and humour (and link-sharing) have meant the world to me. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat. Your words will be safe in her hands!

Sarah McKay, science writer and brain health blogger,

DjaniraI had the idea for my ebook floating around for a long while, I’d even worked out my table of contents, but Kris helped me to actually make it happen. We had a lovely chat where she asked me lots of great questions that I hadn’t thought of before and then a week later I received my introductory chapter plus the beginnings of the next section.I was flabbergasted at how much she managed to capture in such a short time. It was everything we’d talked about and sounded exactly like me, only more polished and well expressed. Seeing my ideas transformed on the page made all the difference and kickstarted my writing. It took me a few weeks after that and I now have my finished draft! Thank you so much Kris, this easy entertaining guide would still be a dream if it hadn’t been for your help!

Djanira Cortesao, healthy cooking coach,

DjaniraMy words were in great hands with Kris! After writing my own copy for my website, I wasn’t entirely happy with the structure and word placement. After positive reviews of Kris’s work, I immediately booked her in. I am very happy with my revised copy and how she kept true to my own personal style and language. I would definitely recommend and work with Kris again.

Rebecca Waddington, Business and Personal Development Strategist,

Gail NashKris is so talented – her touches and finesse are just ‘mwah’ and she sure can rock a call-to-action!

Although I help other people speak fluently through their websites, when it came to my own I felt inarticulate. And I knew I couldn’t judge my own words objectively. Kris asked me the questions I couldn’t see for myself. She highlighted where my reader would need more detail, and she helped me ‘zoom out’ of my story to ensure the context would make sense. I was too close to it to do that adequately on my own.

Now I feel that my voice comes through my website fluently, which is precisely what I was hoping for. The process exceeded my expectations and I’m so pleased.

Gail Nash, copywriter,

Barbara NixonIf I’m perfectly honest, I was dreading having my book edited as I was afraid of someone else reading it and ‘checking’ my work. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. Working with Kris made the whole experience extremely painless. She outlines the entire process so you know exactly what’s happening, and then supports you from start to finish. I really did feel like I was in safe hands.

As well as being a lovely person, Kris is an editing genius and knows exactly what you want to say, and more importantly how you want to say it. I loved working with Kris and can highly recommend her to anyone.

Barbara Nixon, leadership consultant and author of Boss Hat,

Wanna see for yourself?  Work with me!