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The 3 Words That Changed Everything

Three little words, which individually I usually love, but when used together, change the game. No. Travel. Rights. That’s right. I’m currently grounded in Australia awaiting a visa outcome, and my bridging visa doesn’t allow me to travel. Worst case scenario, this could go on for 18 months. And to say that it’s unsettling is Read More

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Does Size Matter?

You guessed it. Many of my readers are female. And they are obsessed by one thing. Obsessed! They can’t stop thinking about it. They can’t stop talking about it. And they certainly can’t enter into something without the full lowdown on what to expect. That’s right. When it comes to writing, what seems to matter most is Read More

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Foodie Adventure

Adventure Is A State Of Mind

When I hear business owners say they can’t think what to write about or if I’m struggling to come up with an idea for an article, it confuses the heck out of me. With all the hours, all the minutes, all the seconds in the day, we only need one moment of inspiration to spark a story. Read More

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How Can I Be Sure My Editor Won’t Kill My Voice?

The greatest fear every writer has – worse than public humiliation, worse than being ignored – is that their editor will change so much about their original work that their voice will be lost completely. Valid point. The public humiliation and being ignored fears are real, of course. Nobody wants to be ridiculed, shamed, embarrassed, Read More

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The Expressionista: An Interview With Lisa Fitzpatrick

Introducing… Today, our Expressionista is Lisa Fitzpatrick, whose business is helping women find the light inside. She is heart-focused and soul savvy. And one of my fave things of all, an author of the gorgeous book Healing The Heart Of Your Business, which helps you put your soul  and self-care at the centre of your business, for the highest good Read More

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